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Privacy Notice

This statement is the declaration on the protection of customer's privacy.Before you continue your registration, please read this carefully.

When you sign up for the site, we need you to fill in a form with some personal information in it. This serves only as the identification to set up your account. Also a verification letter may be sent to your email address, so please check if it is correct. After you enter these information,we will keep them in an encrypted database, and under no condition will the be sold to the third party. Therefore there will never be any junk mail coming from your registration on our site.

When you buy stuff from our site,we need the sensitive information about your credit card. These include your card number, the expire date and so on. We need the true and detailed information for a successful money transaction.Please update your computer operation system and anti-virus before you key in such information. We have constantly trained our staff with the awareness on customer's privacy and we account full responsibility for them. Thus full trust can be given as far as these information are concerned.Also, when the money transaction is confirmed by the bank, these information will be deleted immediately,thus there is no danger of information being stolen.

When we send our our goods,we have to give your personal contact to the transportation company. To prevent your information from being violation by these companies, we will always choose the reputable ones on the market.What's more,in the contract we sign with the transportation service, we will always stress the importance of your information security.

When the deal is closed,there are system information generated naturally like your browsing and buying history. These information will be provided to you as a reference, and we will also use them to do statistics. After a certain period, they will be deleted and no spam promotion based on these information is guaranteed.

The privacy of our customers hold our first priority among our customer services. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any good suggestion in this aspect.